About Us

We are “SRI CONSULTANCY SERVICES” wish to introduce ourselves as a well Experienced in the Field of Electrical , Air Compressor & Fire Systems . The Company has been started with more than 25 years wide range of experienced Engineer in Projects, Operation & Maintenance of Equipment’s and Machineries.

We are energetic & Experience people in the field of Electrical & Air Compressor. We do Consultancy, Design of Electrical & Air Line System and Provide solution for Existing Electrical & Air Line system in terms of Energy saving techniques in line With Govt & Industrial Standards.

Also we undertake Fire Fighting Systems and Solar power projects with our Associate Company.

Why Need a Consultant ?

An Consultant is the one who; he should have hands on expertise and a sound knowledge on the Standards. He must follow the standards and guidelines and pledge that not to deviate from the industry ethics and statutory and whereby emphasising the much needed safety and protection to the humanity and their belongings. Also He must Have Knowledge for Consultancy, design, Erection & Commissioning & Solution Provider for Existing system. Through his Consultancy/ Advice will make Money, Time & Energy Saving. Also will show total Productivity to the Organization.

We at “Sri Consultancy Services” team have Vast Knowledge and Capable to do Consultancy, Design, and Provide Solutions for Operation and Maintenance on Electrical, Air Compressor & Fire Fighting system and Solar Power Plant (With Associate Company).

About the Founder

The Founder and Electrical Consultant of Sri Consultancy Services have wide experience in various industry more than 28 Years

Achievements of the Founder

Started his journey as a site engineer cum electrical supervisor for over a period of two years

An Electrical Engineer in Textile Industry over 8 Years especially Project Designing, Operation and maintenance of Electrical and Air systems

Worked over 18 Years as a Manager- Plant Engineering department in Leading Engineering Industry and its branches all over India , during this period handled more than 11 HT Projects (11KV,22KV & 33KV) all over India especially Project Design, selection & commissioning of Suitable Energy Efficient Equipment’s , operation and Maintenance of Electrical and Air Systems and installed more than 85 nos from 40Kva to 300Kva various brand Industrial UPS systems

Worked over 2 Years in Design and Executing EHV Sub Station Project with Latest Technology Compact Sub Station Equipment’s like GIS (Gas Insulated Switch) instead of Conventional Aerial Sub Station as well as AIS.

Also done design, installation ,Commissioning & Maintained Air Compressors from 102cfm to 500cfm (Totally more than 25000 cfm capacity ) in various locations in India.

Also installed ,commissioned & Maintained DG sets from 65Kva to 2000KVa (Totally more than 30MVA capacity) in various locations in India.

Our range of Consultancy and Designing

· Electrical Consultancy (Industrial & Commercial) From LT to HT & EHT

· Plumbing (Industrial & Commercial)

· Air Compressor

· Fire Fighting (with Associate Company)

· Solar Power (With Associate Company)

Our range of Solutions

· Electrical – Energy Saving & Operation & Maintenance of Equipment’s (Industrial & Commercial)

· Air Compressor – Energy Saving

· Fire Fighting system/ Training (with Associate Company)

· Solar Power Plant - Installation & Commissioning (With Associate Company)

Track Records and Responsibilities of the Founder

· 1992 to 1993 Started Carrier as Site engineer under A-Grade contractor

· 1994 to 2002 Promoted & worked as Electrical Engineer in Textile Industry

· 2003 to 2020 Elevated & Worked as Manager Plant Engineering in Leading Engineering Industry

· Handled More Than 75 Technical Team Members in Electrical, Generator, Air Compressor & Fire Fighting Systems

· Handled All Electrical related Govt.Officials for all Approvals.

· Designed, Created & Handed over Successfully an Unmanned Power House.(Fully Automatic Change over Power House)

· Installation & Commissioning of Distribution Transformer from 100Kva to 2500Kva (11KV,22KV and 33KV Voltage Systems)

· Installation & Commissioning of more than 85 Nos Various brand Industrial 250Kva and above capacity UPS,

· Prepared EHT (Extra High Tension 110Kv) Sub Station Project with Latest Technology GIS (Gas Insulated Switch)Switch Yard

· Having Well Knowledge & Experience to Do Consultancy, Design, Providing Solutions for Existing Systems & BOQ

Locate Us

Plot no 13, Sri Krishna Avenue Phase 2,

Thottipalayam Road, Opp Viscose Park,

CBE- 641014.